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Bowling Tips

Bowling is one of the most popular sports in the world. It gives satisfaction, relaxation and fulfillment for those players who love to play it. Playing bowling also gives health benefits but the best part of bowling is the friendship and camaraderie that develops between teammates and even opponents. There are several ways how to learn bowling. First, even though it’s not necessary to learn the scoring system, but it will be better for us to learn and understand how it was calculated so that we can maximize it. Another tip is we should know about the bowling terms. Some of the terms of bowling are alley and all the way. Alley is the playing surface usually made of maple, pine or urethane boards while all the way is finishing a game with nothing but strikes. All of terms are useful for us to be able to understand the concept of bowling.
For beginners, there are several steps that should be take and practice to be able to improve the playing style. There are factors that can help for us to become a good bowler. One of these factors is mental bowling preparation wherein we are allow to be mentally prepare to give our best game that possibly we can. It takes years of practice to be able to acquire this skill. Another factor is physical practice. Both of those factors are important to develop our skills as bowler. It is important to learn the bowling fundamentals so that we can confidently move during the actual game. For beginners, they must perfect a straight ball. Learning this could be very easy or difficult for beginners. For those who have natural curve to your throw, it will be advantage. Next is the delivery of the ball and how many steps you should have. You can have three-step, four-step or five-step delivery. It is suggested for beginners to find the delivery that will make them most comfortable. Next is the release of the ball, this is important to the overall shot and depicts how it rolls and where it lands. Another important thing to remember is that you will only release the ball after it has passed over the left foot (for righties). At first, it seems to be awkward but as time goes on, it will be part of your natural bowling posture and release. Determination and practice are the only way to master you the release.
Choosing the best house ball is also helpful especially for beginners. When searching a house ball, you should pick that have appropriate weight. A ball that is too heavy can damage your wrist and shoulder. That’s why sixteen pound balls should be saved for professionals only. Next factor is finding the gem out of those house balls. You should find the right fit for your fingers. In choosing house ball, you should be aware of cracks. It can affect your game and can cause injury if the cracks are large. To assure that your finger really fits to the hole, stick your fingers in the holes and pull them out slowly. A snug fit is the perfect fit but too much snug might cause injury.
Having the proper stance can lead to be a good bowler. There should be a defined way to address and deliver the bowling ball. While having a good form, the ball should always be held in the reverence to the body. There are three basic types of stances. First, the ball is held up slightly in front of the face, leaving enough room for the eyes so you can see what you are doing. Second, it’s called shotgun wherein the ball is held so that the base is even with your waist and last but not the least, the ball is held lower and just at arm’s length. As far the as the position of the body is concerned, comfort is the key.
Just like other sports, bowling has its courtesies that should be understand and follow by all players. There are many courtesies in bowling but I will just mention the most common and important and that is always giving the bowler on other lanes that are ready to bowl the right of way. If a bowler on one of the lanes around you have already gotten to the approach let them follow through before you attempt to the bowl. If you and the bowler on an adjacent lane reach the approach and are ready to bowl at the same time, always let the bowler on the right bowl first and again, do not bowl until the bowler to the right’s follow through is complete.

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