Bowling Video- Accurate Arm Swing!

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This video discusses getting a good and accurate arm swing. Release point and follow through is discussed, along with examples of keeping the arm fully extended. Also, arm swing direction is talked about to keep the ball lined up to your target. This is all-important to hit the pocket when bowling.

Bowling Tips for Beginners

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Bowling is a great sport that suits all ages as long as you have the right stamina to slide the ball smoothly. However, newbie on this kind of game may have difficulty on striking the ball. Proper knowledge on this game is essential so as to enjoy it playing and soon become a pro. Below are some of the important bowling tips for beginners that you might want to keep in mind.

Bowling Tip #1:  Have a good pair of shoes.

The first thing that you need to keep in mind when you go bowling is to have a good pair of bowling shoes. You use various shoes for bowling because the surface is quite slick and you need a good grip on the surface. Most of the bowling owners are also concerned that shoes people wear might ruin their alleys, so they too encourage you to wear special bowling shoes so that their alleys don’t get scratched. Most bowling alleys rent out bowling shoes to their customers, so it’s okay if you don’t take them along too. But it is always good to have a pair of bowling shoes which you are used to and are comfortable using.

Bowling Tip #2:  Grab a suitable ball.

Make sure that you have a ball you are comfortable with. It is not easy to find a ball which fits your fingers perfectly. But to get a good release you need to find a ball whose holes fit your fingers best. Another important consideration is to make sure that you are comfortable with the weight of the ball. You get balls in different sizes and weights and hence, it is essential that you find the ball whose weight you can take. I usually prefer a heavier ball because it carries more momentum when I throw it and hence gives me a feeling that it might knock down a few more pins.

Bowling Tip #4: The target.

This one depends on whether you’re right handed or left handed. If you are right handed, you should aim slightly to the left of the head pin (your right side). If you’re throwing with your left hand, throw it slightly to the right of the head pin (your left side). But only slightly otherwise, you’ll get a ‘gutter ball’. Most people make the mistake of throwing straight at the head pin. It’s alright, but since you’re a beginner you might not get it right and you will be left with the corner pins on both sides, reducing your chances of bowling out a pin in your second throw.

Bowling Tip #3:  The right throw.
Right, so before you chuck the ball down the aisle, a few things to keep in mind. Never start your run from just anywhere. Pace yourself. Are you comfortable with a 3-step run-up or a 4-step run up or a 5-step one? See how much run-up your comfortable with and mentally record the place where you start your step from. My next point is about the release. Make sure you bend your back low enough to be able to roll the ball down the aisle. Remember you have to roll it, and not bounce it. So when go down low enough, chuck the ball in a nice, smooth straight motion.


The Bowling Guide- Getting the Right Strike

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A bowling game looks fun especially when you see a person hitting lots of pins in one shot. However, if you desire to become one of the best bowling players, then knowing some of the important tricks and secrets of the game are crucial. Some of your friends who are already knowledgeable about the game may want to challenge you and you want to have fun at beating them to it.

Bowling is a fascinating game played mostly indoors and has a fun base of almost a hundred million worldwide. Bowling is a spectacular game to take up because it is fun, safe, and it has enormous health benefits such.

A proper bowling guide will tell you that constant practice is the ultimate way toward understanding and being good at the game altogether. Professional bowling players as well as armatures requires practice though of course at different levels and with varying techniques and vigor. In order to reach an advanced level where you can demonstrate consecutive strikes, an armature would probably need to watch other professional players keenly and learn what their aiming tactics are. This is a vital part of the practice.

In a bowling room, there is a particular line known as the foul line that demarcates the distance between the bowling track and where the bowler ought to stand. The pins that are the foremost target are at the furthest end of the track, these are where you look at when aiming. Playing the particular game requires that you master a step stance that suits you and that will enable you to take a perfect aim. Proper practice this step stance until it becomes personal, with this, you can use this stance on any bowling track you encounter.

Learn to throw the ball in a smooth manner and to let it slide to your target by exercising your hand techniques. A bowling ball is held firmly on the palm. Practice lowering it from the waist length down to the bowling track in a smooth but focused swoop in a sort of twelve o’clock direction. You will find that bowling guides advice that to play great bowling you will need to have the right equipment and appropriate gear. That is you will need to purchase a bowling ball that is neither too heavy nor too light, this is especially true for starters. Get a ball that can comfortably fit in your hands or else the game itself will be a heavy, boring, luggage to behold. The shoe size and the body gear ought to fit properly too, not too tight, just the right size.


The Ultimate Bowling Guide Review

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In contemporary society, bowling game has become one of the most famous sports that suits all ages. Upon indulging in this kind of sport, a bowling guide is necessary to put beginners on the right path. A bowling guide is an effective tool to open an avenue of right information about the bowling game and it will also help you decide if this game is best suited on you.

Information on what a bowling guide can offer:

A bowling guide will help you get the right information and introduction into the world of bowling. You will also learn what the sport is all about and how others who play actually feel about the game. You’ll also see whether this sport suits your temperament and energy level.

You may amaze yourself when you realize that you’d be a natural at this game of bowling!

What happens without a bowling guide?

Without the ultimate bowling guide, you’ll surely be left in the dark as to whether this sport is for you.  You may have passed up a particular game that could actually transform your social life and a sport that could remain with you the rest of your life.

You will also miss a detailed description of what’s involved in the art of bowling and what the benefits are of playing this game. You won’t be knowledgeable on all the tips and tricks and techniques of playing this game to different levels and competitive ladder, if you like.

How easy is it to get a bowling guide?

The bowling guide is as easy as just one click.  Your bowling guide is within easy reach.
Just let your fingers do the walking!

Go online now and search for a bowling guide that’s easy-to-read, interesting, comprehensive, and full of relevant and practical information and what it takes to learn how to bowl.  The web is a great resource so you better don’t miss out on this opportunity.

Using the Ultimate Bowling Guide to successfully become a Bowling Champion!

It’s highly recommended that you obtain the Ultimate Bowling Guide as this will not only introduces you to the sport of bowling but will also help you to master the game and advance up the competitive ladder when and if you so choose.

Don’t find yourself without a bowling guide. You’ll be a looser not having cutting-edge game-play moves and knowing the drills needed to do repeat practice and pave your team’s way into league bowling.

In case you happen to decide that the bowling arena is where you belonged all the time and your competitive spirit kicks in, then do not waste time. Check your bowling guide immediately to see how you can move from the world of the amateur and into the professional limelight!


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Important Tips on Bowling

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The most suitable way to improve in whatever game you indulge in is through “practicing”. As the saying goes, “practice makes perfect”. This is indeed true! Bowling is not an exception to this famous saying. However, you should have the willingness and great desire to engage in this game so as to achieve the desired result.


Bowling Tip #1: You have to use the right tools for the game!

In any kinds of sport, using the appropriate equipment for the job you have to do improve your performance. In bowling, the ball is the most crucial piece of equipment you will use, so better choose the right one for the job! Be sure to try out several ones and select the one with the right weight, material and finger-grip fit.

Bowling Tip #2: How to progress in bowling?

To progress at this game, you need to play at least once or twice a week. The most economical way to get the right amount of practice in is by joining a league. Usually, the more experienced bowling players show up before the game to practice. This is where you can learn the most of the game from people committed to the sport.

Bowling Tip #3: Know how to walk the walk.

While professional players tend to use a 5-step approach, that is just not suitable for someone just learning the sport. Beginners are mostly more comfortable with a 4-step approach. You can also practice your approach without throwing a single ball. You have to keep your shoulders square to the front, your head up, arm swing smooth, and your pace consistent and even.

Bowling Tip #4: Let the ball roll!

Spend more time rolling the ball. The ball should never be thrown away. How do you spot the difference? A thrown bowling ball will land with a loud “clunk” and then slide a few feet before beginning to roll. A rolled bowling ball lands quietly and quickly rolls down the lane. If you find that you’re in the tract of throwing the ball, just slow down. Try taking a slow way, deep breath before bowling to settle any indwelling anxiety. You will most likely hit more pins with a rolled ball than with a thrown one.

Bowling Tip #5: What you think is what you do

Spend more time visualizing and analyzing your shots. Visualize your actions, movements and your shots before you do them. If your bowling ball goes consistently too far right, begin a little further left. You will learn to “feel” when you have bowled a good ball.

Bowling Tip #6: What if I can’t be at the alley enough to practice?

Any smooth surface with a clear and long distance is suitable for practicing your approach. It’s not safe to practice the release of ball; however, a bowling ball will easily roll straight through walls if you miss your specified target! Aside from that, you’ll also ruin the surface of your ball. In practicing at home, you have to mark your foul line and arrows in masking tape or other material that will not damage your floor. You also need to mark where your toes need to be for each step.

You can practice your arm swing outdoors using a bucket of water with a small hole at the bottom. The water that drops on the ground will mark the path of your arm and the direction the ball would go. It is a good way to see if you arc around your body when you bowl and which direction your arm is going. This can surely be a very enlightening experience.

Bowling Tip #7: Don’t spare yourself the trouble

It’s a very good idea to practice picking up your spares. A bowler who can consistently pick up his spares can easily hold a 180 average without getting any strikes. It’s especially useful to practice bowling at the 7-or 10-pins by aiming at them and bowling across the strike zone (the “x” on the lane) from the opposite side of the lane.

By practicing these bowling techniques on a regular basis, you’ll be honing the skills that will help you improve your bowling game!




Bowling Tips

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Bowling is one of the most popular sports in the world. It gives satisfaction, relaxation and fulfillment for those players who love to play it. Playing bowling also gives health benefits but the best part of bowling is the friendship and camaraderie that develops between teammates and even opponents. There are several ways how to learn bowling. First, even though it’s not necessary to learn the scoring system, but it will be better for us to learn and understand how it was calculated so that we can maximize it. Another tip is we should know about the bowling terms. Some of the terms of bowling are alley and all the way. Alley is the playing surface usually made of maple, pine or urethane boards while all the way is finishing a game with nothing but strikes. All of terms are useful for us to be able to understand the concept of bowling.
For beginners, there are several steps that should be take and practice to be able to improve the playing style. There are factors that can help for us to become a good bowler. One of these factors is mental bowling preparation wherein we are allow to be mentally prepare to give our best game that possibly we can. It takes years of practice to be able to acquire this skill. Another factor is physical practice. Both of those factors are important to develop our skills as bowler. It is important to learn the bowling fundamentals so that we can confidently move during the actual game. For beginners, they must perfect a straight ball. Learning this could be very easy or difficult for beginners. For those who have natural curve to your throw, it will be advantage. Next is the delivery of the ball and how many steps you should have. You can have three-step, four-step or five-step delivery. It is suggested for beginners to find the delivery that will make them most comfortable. Next is the release of the ball, this is important to the overall shot and depicts how it rolls and where it lands. Another important thing to remember is that you will only release the ball after it has passed over the left foot (for righties). At first, it seems to be awkward but as time goes on, it will be part of your natural bowling posture and release. Determination and practice are the only way to master you the release.
Choosing the best house ball is also helpful especially for beginners. When searching a house ball, you should pick that have appropriate weight. A ball that is too heavy can damage your wrist and shoulder. That’s why sixteen pound balls should be saved for professionals only. Next factor is finding the gem out of those house balls. You should find the right fit for your fingers. In choosing house ball, you should be aware of cracks. It can affect your game and can cause injury if the cracks are large. To assure that your finger really fits to the hole, stick your fingers in the holes and pull them out slowly. A snug fit is the perfect fit but too much snug might cause injury.
Having the proper stance can lead to be a good bowler. There should be a defined way to address and deliver the bowling ball. While having a good form, the ball should always be held in the reverence to the body. There are three basic types of stances. First, the ball is held up slightly in front of the face, leaving enough room for the eyes so you can see what you are doing. Second, it’s called shotgun wherein the ball is held so that the base is even with your waist and last but not the least, the ball is held lower and just at arm’s length. As far the as the position of the body is concerned, comfort is the key.
Just like other sports, bowling has its courtesies that should be understand and follow by all players. There are many courtesies in bowling but I will just mention the most common and important and that is always giving the bowler on other lanes that are ready to bowl the right of way. If a bowler on one of the lanes around you have already gotten to the approach let them follow through before you attempt to the bowl. If you and the bowler on an adjacent lane reach the approach and are ready to bowl at the same time, always let the bowler on the right bowl first and again, do not bowl until the bowler to the right’s follow through is complete.

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